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Inventive Labs: Web Problem Solvers

Only the finest ingredients

Most people know enough about cooking to appreciate that a fine dish begins with quality ingredients. There's a lot of ways in which software development is not like cooking, but in this regard they share a likeness. Great software begins with talented people and the best possible tools.

Our language of choice is Ruby. Ruby is an elegant, highly productive language originating from Japan. Bonsai Some people say it's like baby alpaca yarn. What we know is that it's rapidly and deservedly becoming the most popular development language for web applications. It's a joy to code, and happy programmers write better programs. Being an open-source language, it continues to evolve, and as a scripting language it has no compilation phase—meaning that applications developed in Ruby can be maintained by anyone, not just the original developers. Some of the biggest, most successful applications on the web today are written in Ruby.

We're inventors, and no inventor worth his salt would reinvent the wheel. So, as a rule, we don't. We build our applications using the Rails framework. This means our software can hew to the fundamental concepts you and we identify—not constructs dictated by the underlying database. Rails is not a magic bullet, both the good and the woeful can be created with Rails, but in the hands of experienced Ruby developers, great web applications spring to life. And once living and working, they are deployed and maintained with remarkable ease. Rails means that you save a lot of money, and we retain most of our hair.

Bonsai image used under a Creative Commons licence courtesy of Maureen Jameson.