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Inventive Labs: Web Problem Solvers


At Inventive Labs, we’ve worked in concert with the publishing industry since our very first large-scale web application (the business system that powers Scribe Publications) in 2006. Our work with the iconic Melbourne bookstore Readings has given us many insights into the business of selling books too.

A Better Ebook Library

table Since early 2010, when we had the germ of an idea for paginating HTML content that turned into Monocle, we’ve been inventing Booki.sh.

Monocle is an open-source ebook reader that works in the browser, and after we released it, we started to think seriously about creating a wonderful reading and book-buying experience around it. Given the Labs' history, it was natural for us to partner with Australia’s greatest booksellers to bring this experience to the widest audience.

Booki.sh is a platform for publishing, selling and reading ebooks. It works on more devices than any comparable platform, and takes advantage of powerful HTML5 technologies to deliver an experience that works seamlessly online and offline.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but Booki.sh is a significant ongoing work-in-progress. We welcome inquiries from booksellers, publishers, authors, agents and interested people like you: get in touch!