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Inventive Labs: Web Problem Solvers

Readings is one of Melbourne's most beloved and trusted brands, and a highly-regarded independent retailer of books, music and film since 1969. The business has grown from a single Carlton shopfront to five stores across the city, and when we were approached to take control of Readings' web presence, we treated the assignment as if we were opening a sixth shop.

The key technical challenge was integrating with Readings' existing point-of-sale software and inventory management system. We think our solution is both lateral and efficient, giving maximum flexibility with the minimum of friction between the two systems.

Our design was driven by Readings' strong and enduring brand identity, which translated well into a clear and user-friendly site layout. As in the real-world stores, the product covers do most of the heavy lifting, while the rest of the design is somewhat restrained. A lovely set of icons by Cat MacInnes emphasises key elements.

Very special attention was paid to the shopping cart and checkout process, and we're quietly proud of the results we've achieved. Give it shot - buy yourself a book (or two, and get free freight).