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Shane Maloney



A new Murray Whelan novel is a Melbourne publishing event. Shane Maloney's crime-solving maverick explores the seedy underbelly of Australia's cultural capital and usually gets caught up in its political machinations — as well as a murder or two.

For the launch of the sixth Whelan book, Sucked In, Maloney wanted to move his site to a Content Management System so that he could communicate more effectively (and regularly) with his readership.

We gave him Blueprint, developing a custom module to record the details of each of his books, with quotes from literary reviews and details of foreign editions. Audio readings from his books and video excerpts from their film translations are accessible alongside the books. The events page automatically updates to display his forthcoming appearances as he crosses the country promoting his new book. And loyal readers subscribe to the intermittent broadcasts from his shed-based think-tank, The Brunswick Institute.

All this is presented within a striking and recognisably Whelan-esque design.