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It's Only the Beginning [13032012]

If you’ve been following the fortunes of Inventive Labs over the last eighteen months, you will know that we’ve been dividing our attention between our usual range of consulting and client work, and our ebook platform Booki.sh. As the demands of Booki.sh have grown, Joseph and I have spent more time looking after that side of the business, while our fantastic team, Ally, Narinda, Toby and Steve, have continued to design and build websites.

Last week, everything changed. The Booki.sh technology was acquired by OverDrive, a US company with a long history in ebooks, and Joseph and I โ€“ as well as Peter Haasz, a recent addition to the Labs โ€“ have stopped Inventive Labs duties immediately to help set up the OverDrive Australia offices and continue with our work on Booki.sh. Bam. Just like that. You can read more about the acquisition on the Booki.sh blog, and I hope to write a bit more about it here soon.

So, what does this mean for Inventive Labs staff and clients?

This should really be a separate post entirely, because it’s exciting and I’m thrilled by what’s unfolding here: from April 1, the Inventive Labs team, minus Joseph and me, will become the Melbourne office of Icelab, an outstanding small web company that has up until now been based (mainly) in Canberra. No money has changed hands โ€“ we’ve simply come to an arrangement with Michael, Max and Tim, who’ve long been admired peers of ours, to provide continuity for Labs staff and clients, while expanding Icelab into Melbourne. They were the first and last partners to come to mind when we started thinking about a transition, and they’ve worked enthusiastically with us since to create a clear and smooth path forward. You can read their version of this announcement on their website.

Joseph and I are excited about our new opportunity, but our excitement is tempered with sadness. We’ve been fortunate over the last six years to work for and with an enviably long list of smart, creative people, and leaving this part of our lives behind has been a difficult decision to make. So, if you’ve worked with us or alongside us, thank you for everything. It’s been swell.

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