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Booki.sh! [14102010]

We’ve finally readied a “technology preview” of our ereading platform! It’s consumed quite a large portion of my brain for the last few months. There’s plenty more to do, but here at last there’s something for you to enjoy reading.


The platform is called Booki.sh. On the Booki.sh blog, you’ll see a shelf of books and samples you can dive into just by clicking. Nothing to install, works on your phone or your iPad or your Kindle3 or your work computer on your lunchbreak. Based, of course, on Monocle. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Mary [Tue 25 Jan 2011, 9:31PM] said:

I want to convert books to your epub format. I want to do for a small publisher and send to the website that is using your software. I read about it in the newspaper today in Melbourne Australia. Can you let me know how to do it. Thanks

Joseph [Wed 26 Jan 2011, 1:04PM] said:

Mary: EPUB is the open standard world-wide for ebooks, and it’s managed by the IDPF.

This entry on EPUB is a useful starting point to orient yourself with ebook creation. You may also find some digital conversion houses willing to do it for you for a fee.

eneluptesty [Sun 13 Feb 2011, 3:27PM] said:

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Jacqueline George [Fri 18 Feb 2011, 11:38AM] said:

I have two books plus another coming in a month or two that need an ebook host. I am handle the paperback releases myself. (Note – my other books are epublished in the US).

Do you know of a suitable Australian shop front, and could you put me in touch?



Illustrated4Moorcock [Mon 21 Feb 2011, 12:18PM] said:

What about iComics and digital Graphic Novels?

DC comics (a Time/Warner/AOL company) handed Superman over to Karactaz pty in Sydney, from which a successful motion comic resulted. There is no question of whether or not including comics and GN’s for publication is a good idea, and as saleable as any other indie publication on booki.sh. The featured interviews with Nikki Greenberg and Shaun Tan on ABC Radio National pretty much proved this. To not include iComics and GN’s would be much the same mistake as Borders not including eBooks until it was too late, as seen just this week.

Neil Gaiman’s career began with an indie Graphic Novel, “Violent Cases”. The message there is rather simple: wanna be Neil Gaiman? Then to begin, get a properly, professionally illustrated graphic novel out there. Doesn’t even need to be on paper anymore. The booki.sh samples include a few decent photos, so it’s current method already accommodates “art and text”. That’s all “Violent Cases” is: art and text. Digital newspapers: photos, art and text. The Graphic Novel section of Pages (even at regional Pages outlets) is healthy, when other sections are faltering. And Readings has previously featured Nikki Greenberg for signings of her GN work, right? Readings already supports Australian Graphic Fiction by proxy.

Assuming that wisdom will rule the day, and that booki.sh will include a digi-comic category, what would be the process by which to create a booki.sh GN or iComic series? A tutorial youtube clip would be great promotion and is standard for the promotion of new softwares.

What would the payment system be, and how often would payments be sent out?

Would there be options for different sizes? As in, a project designed for iPod Touch specifically versus iPad? Or the upcoming HP version? Will booki.sh “cloudbooks” work on this HP product, recently advertised on the side of most facebook pages?

Will audio-tracks for projects be possible?

What will be the pricing system and % of profit to the content-provider? As compared to the LuLu system? Which currently promises to immediately transport indies to the magical land of apple iBook sales?

What will the promotion plan for booki.sh titles be like? With standard and traditional paper publication, in-person signings are possible and can be a big sales incentive for consumer. Apple has not invented an app to sign an iPod (yet). Therefore Australian authors will need something to counterbalance that loss of traditional promotion. Will authors for this platform have an equal chance to get an interview with Ramona on the radio?

Joseph [Mon 21 Feb 2011, 12:37PM] said:

Comics are better served by the CBR and PDF formats than by EPUB. We don’t currently have plans to support either CBR or PDF formats. We think there are great dedicated comic book readers out there — a hybrid reader wouldn’t do anything quite half as well.

Illustrated4Moorcock [Mon 21 Feb 2011, 2:58PM] said:

Thanks for the timely answer. :)

Since you had Wind in the Willows as a sample, however, what about a standard illustrated book?

Joseph [Mon 21 Feb 2011, 3:04PM] said:

That depends on the kind of illustrated book.

Some illustrated books are premised on a fixed page size, with fixed placement of images and text upon the page. Due to the range of devices and resolutions we support, we’re not doing a lot in this field of fixed-layout books yet. Apple is, so we’re watching them with some interest. We’re still not sure if they aren’t just reinventing PDF though.

Illustrated books like Wind in the Willows, where images appear in the ordinary flow of text, and in different positions at different screen sizes: we have full support for those.

Illustrated4Moorcock [Mon 21 Feb 2011, 3:13PM] said:

again, thank you. :)

is there an example (aside from Wind in the Willows) of a current illustrated book, using fine-art illustration (as opposed to Vector), that you would have support for?

MyDaughterWentToRMIT [Mon 21 Mar 2011, 2:13PM] said:

OK, so looking at this, taxpayer money went to the Australian Council, which went to you, Jason, which led to this project. But if my taxes went to this, after my daughter studied to become the next Mayy Gibbs or Dr. Seuss, she’s just out of luck because essentially you can’t be bothered to cater for her type of book as well. Is that the case? After Shaun Tan won gold for Australia at the Oscars?

Moolchand Chauhan [Sun 24 Apr 2011, 12:07AM] said:

I am unable to run autoplay audio in epub ipad. Can you help me in this?

Albert Pérez [Thu 26 May 2011, 2:12AM] said:

Hi Joshep…

I have a doubt… I’m trying to add your source in a webView under ios devices app. At the moment I’ve just tested your 02-dickens test and it works so well… but, I can’t recover the place when it restarts. So… it seems it can’t save that cookies. Am I right? Have you tested anything in that direction?

Thanks in advance, Albert

Paul [Tue 17 Apr 2012, 2:45PM] said:

Is it possible for me to edit my ePub books so I can include a nicer ‘back cover’ like the one in The Wind in the Willows? This includes the back cover’s colour and publisher logo.

Am I able to download the ePub from somewhere to examine how it’s setup?

Virginia [Tue 17 Apr 2012, 2:47PM] said:

Hi Paul,

The back cover is actually automatically generated from the EPUB, combining the book description with the dominant colour from the cover. No additional work required!

Societic [Thu 10 Jan 2013, 12:41PM] said:

I’m hoping they will get a quick fix for the current Internet Explorer 10 & Windows Mobile Compatibility issues they have at the moment

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