About Labs

Inventive Labs is a web development house founded by Virginia Murdoch and Joseph Pearson. Our software laboratory is in an old ironworks in Brunswick Street Fitzroy, where Tim-Tams are usually in plentiful supply. If you have a taste for them, you should probably make a time to drop in and see us.

Though the laboratory atmosphere is relaxed, we take our work seriously. We have many clients, some high-profile, some not, all great to work with. We build software for our clients that aims to be powerfully simple. If it’s a public-facing website, we craft it to high standards of navigability and accessibility. The success of any website is determined, not by flashy graphics, not even by a wealth of content, but by the experience of its visitors.

If we’re building a software application for a particular audience (whether it’s your staff, your customers or yourself), our fundamental focus is usability. We follow standards where they exist because usability is often a case of recognising familiar analogs, but as inventors, we’re not shy of breaking paradigms when we perceive a better way. The web is young, and there’s a lot of imaginably better ways.

Virginia Murdoch
Joseph Pearson
Ally Long
Narinda Reeders
Toby Allder
Peter Haasz
Steven Occhipinti